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Publishers of online content have found it very difficult to earn a living from advertising revenue. The increasing popularity of ad-blocking software raises even more questions about the viability of "free" (ad-supported) content. This site is dedicated to the discussion of the future of free content.

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Ad-Blocker User-Agent Standard for notification to web sites when their ads are being stripped.
Restraint in Advertising To decrease the demand for ad-blocking software, advertisers should avoid irritating the user just to generate click-throughs.
adblock.txt Standard An automated means for web sites to communicate their policy to ad-blocking software that visits the site.
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Half of Destructoid's readers block our ads. Now what? The website on gaming has seen a significant increase in the percentage of visitors using ad blocking. After pleading with readers to whitelist ads from the site, the founder ponders how to keep the site alive. See also Slashdot thread. Destructoid
Why Ad Blocking is devastating to the sites you love An explanation of why ad-blocking is bad, and a description of an experiment where people using ad-blocking software were prohibited from accessing content on Ars Technica for 12 hours. See also Slashdot thread. Ars Technica comments
An approach to fair ad blocking The author of Adblock Plus contemplates allowing website owners to use <meta> tags to specify that frequent visitors to a site should be prompted by the ad blocking software about allowing ads through the blocker. See also Slashdot thread. Adblock Plus Blog comments
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