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Privacy Policy

Hot Neuron LLC respects your privacy and we have drafted this document to try to address any concerns that you may have about the information we collect and how it is used on Hot Neuron LLC may revise this Privacy Policy at any time without notice. It is your responsibility to check this policy periodically.

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What personally identifiable information is collected?
Currently, the only part of the service that requires users to provide any personally identifying information (name, email address, street address, etc.) is the process of creating an account for the discussion forum (you cannot post messages without creating an account). Creation of an account requires a valid email address which does not become part of your public profile.

The user may optionally supply their name and other personal information for display in the public profile of their discussion forum account, but this information is not required. We encourage the user to remember that any information they voluntarily put into their public profile or post in the discussion forum may be retrieved by other users or by entities employing automated software to collect such information (e.g. spammers).

If you send correspondence to us, we may store a copy (which means that we will have your email address and name).

What are cookies and how are they used on
A "cookie" is a small piece of data that is sent from a web site such as to your computer where it is stored on your hard drive. When you access that web site in the future, your browser sends that cookie back to the web site, which allows the site to recognize you as someone it has seen before. makes use of cookies so that it can provide you with personalized services such as discussion forums. We may also use cookies to help us monitor your use of for the purpose of generating aggregated statistics and targeted advertising and content on our site in order to increase its usefulness to you.

Please be aware that our advertisers and service providers may use cookies of their own which we do not control.

If you do not wish to have use cookies to identify you, you can turn off cookies in your browser. Disabling cookies will make some features of (such as logging in to the discussion forum) unusable.

How are IP addresses used?
An IP address is a set of numbers assigned to your computer when you connect to the internet.

The site records the IP addresses of people using the site. This information may be used for monitoring the use of the site or reporting aggregated statistics. This information may also be used when we feel it is necessary to protect our site, enforce our Terms of Use, or enforce the law.

Advertisers and Third Parties
Please be aware that advertisers on and third party sites which links to are not subject to the privacy policy. Our advertisers may use cookies for various reasons. They may, for example, use cookies to avoid showing you the same advertisement many times, to measure which ads you respond to, or to track your behavior when you leave the site.

Hot Neuron LLC does not provide personally identifying information (e.g. your name, email address, etc.) that we collect from you (for example from your use of the discussion forum or from feedback which you email to us) to third parties unless it is with your explicit consent (generally for the purpose of providing an additional contracted or co-branded service) or if we believe in good faith that it is necessary for the enforcement of the law or our Terms of Use agreement. We do not rent or sell your personal information.

We may provide aggregated statistics about the users of to third parties.

Security Information
You should keep your password secret and be extremely cautious when using shared computers. Be sure to logout from any public computer you use and exit the browser to ensure that nobody else can access your personal information.

Please be aware that whenever data is transmitted or stored there is always some risk of theft or misuse.

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